Friday, October 31, 2008

Second post ever holy crap

Bomberman has got me addicted again.

God damn that little white robot won't leave me alone. It's such a brilliant simple game, either you just want to bomb the crap out of everything, or be tactical with your moves. Well no, it basically only involves bombing each other.

I believe the first bomberman game I ever owned was Mega Bomberman for the Sega MegaDrive (or Gen
esis, whatever you want to call it).

Man, was this game hot. An awesome singleplayer mode, one of the best battle modes in bomberman, this had everything.

Another great bomberman game, that seems to be quite underrated, is Atomic Bomberman.

Yeah, kinda odd, a bomberman game released for pc? But holy crap look at that awesome cover.

Sporting a REALLY good bomberman design (it makes him look more advanced
and "cool" while retaining that simple and kinda cute appeal, well, that's my opinion) and the same fantastic gameplay, with some pretty fancy 3D pre-rendered graphics for that time (1995, by the way). Supporting up to 10 players in the same arena (yea, 10), and some basic online play, this game was fantastic.
The only flaws I can point at this game are the kinda stupid and "strange-behaving" AI
, who seem to have a seizure some times, and the lack of a singleplayer story/normal mode.

I will upload my Atomic Bomberman cd iso and a XP (possibly vista too) patch, since it seems this game is now abandoware

What I'm currently playing:

(Bomberman, for TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine)


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