Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Quake series

There's something you should know about Quake 4, a game released in 2005, the fourth (obviously) game in the Quake series. This game, while released after Quake III, isn't, in fact, a sequel to this game. It is a sequel to Quake II, a game released in 1997.

In Quake II, your mission is to enter the Strogg planet and to kill the Strogg leader, Makron, in an
attempt to save Earth from invasion. And you're going to do it alone, since everyone else is pretty much dead. This game was met with great reviews and it received various awards. Again, this game isn't a sequel to the game released before, Quake, but
rather... a sequel to nothing. The Quake - Quake III storyline and Quake II - Quake 4 - Enemy Territory: Quake Wars storyline have nothing in common: they're completely different games.

In fact, the only reason Quake II is called Quake II, was because the name sells. Big time, thanks to the success of Quake. Not that it makes the game worse, in fact, Quake II is a gem.

If you've only played Quake III, and expect Quake 4 to be an upgraded Quake III, you're going to hate this game . This is because the great singleplayer campaign comes to the cost of multiplayer. While Quake 4 has multiplayer, it's basically the same thing, or worse, as Quake III Arena's. This is probably the reason why so many people hated Quake 4.

Quake 4 expands the plot of Quake II, with the same amazing singleplayer, and it was a great game. Using the Doom 3 engine, this game also sports great and optimized graphics, some scary/disturbing scenes, although this game is a lot more actiony than Doom 3. The levels were awesome, and the enemies were great to battle, and it was challenging at some points.

On a funny note, the only Quake games I own are Quake II, Quake 4, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. I should try to get both Quake I and Quake III...


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