Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disgaea 2 review reactions

"It is honestly the dumbest thing I have ever read. I get bored playing "real" RPG's fairly quickly, and I also generally dislike Anime and the style. Disgaea is one of the games that I can look back and go like "Man, that game was freaking awesome" and when I describe it to someone who doesn't know what it is, they say "Holy crap that sounds insane".

I have never seen such a big example of close-mindedness when it comes to games, which is odd considering his bible (DnD) is all about just having an open mind and being as creative as possible. It's pretty sad to see how he criticizes the game for not creating the main character, considering how the only RPG's I can think of that let you do that are done by the same three companies (Bethesda, Bioware, and Black Isle).

Also, to criticize the art style the way he did was just stupid. I've played Baldur's Gate and the like, and I didn't exactly cream my pants at the art style. Ugh, people like that guy just annoy me. How did his review get a big star next to it?" - Weeping_Ninja

"Disgaea is probably a pretty avergae RPG at best ........................ Lucky for it it is a SRPG ............. A different genere all together .................. What an idiot ................... And the guy obviously has no clue how the game plays ................. How can grinding be the ONLY way past point x when you could level up equipment in the IW ???" - Coryney

"Seeing this topic and its responses bring joy into my heart." - Someone by the name of Sunladis finaly gets it.

"seems to be a fallout fanboi. name is vaultdweller14, refers to the greatness of black isle and then bashes bethesda.

sounds like yet another digruntled one after fallout 3" - SanchoEx

"20 bucks says VaultDweller14 is just some racist computer nerd >_>" - fuzzylittlbunny

I guess I was just way too accurate.

There were a few others like a handful of blog posts calling me a racist and a SA goon calling it a "genuinely good troll" but I can`t find those now.


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