Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Oh, Rayman. How I love thee. Everyone has atleast one or two nostalgic game that they will never forget, Rayman is one of those games.

The story in Rayman was nothing, really. It was something about a villian called Mister Dark, that kidnapped all the Platoons in the world, which is some kind of AWESOME FORCE OF NATURE THAT KEEPS THE WORLD TOGETHER, and Rayman stepped up to the challenge yadda yadda yadda.

The gameplay however is simple 2D platforming. You control Rayman, jumping around and throwing his fist. Literally.

Aside for some permanent abilities and temporary powerups you could find in the game, it doesn't get more complex than that. And that is for the best.

What made Rayman unique is the design. As you can see above, Rayman has no limbs. In Raymans world, noone has limbs. It looks really good together with the drawn graphics, and if anything, it's all very imagintive.

That's my main love with this game, the design. Everything looks like it's straight from a cartoon, and the sound effects are all cartoon sounds. The music is very fitting for wherever the game takes you, and it all fits like a glove. And while you admire everything you see and hear, is the gameplay good, even through it's simplictic sidescrolling action?

It is. Even through it's not complex, it's fun. And hard. Gosh, was it hard. Fortunally, I can now play it with reasonable gaming skills, and its difficulty is just right.

And hey, if I chicken out and activate the "99 Lives" cheat again, I'll still be having fun, like the good old days.

Oh Rayman, how I love thee.


At March 18, 2009 at 6:44 PM , Blogger Faraz Parsa said...

"Fortunally" is not a word.


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